Recently, I have done a case study on Youtube to show the effects of engagements on video ranking.

The Case study was a success with one of the videos ranking high for a highly sought after keyword “legiit”.

I did the case study to promote my Youtube Ranking Service on the Legiit SEO Marketplace.

I made a control group and an experimental group. One of the videos I uploaded to a channel with no subscribers, the control group. The Experimental group, I uploaded the video to my channel with subscribers. I also sent High Retention Views, Likes, Comments, and Shares to the video.

These engagements sent to the Experimental Group video sent it ranking high for many different keywords. Youtube has only a certain number of ways to establish rank on its platform. User behavior is its top ranking factor.

My Video was titled “What is Legiit ?“. Chris M. Walker, the creator of Legiit, created a video with a very similar title, so it was somewhat of a challenge to outrank him. He even encouraged it with a comment on the video.